Pizzaderia delivery review

If you are looking for an affordable pizza that tastes great, might as well consider them as they are conquering places one city at a time! Not only that their prices are budget-friendly and their pizza really tastes good but they also have interesting flavors up for grabs.
pizzaderia delivery
Pizzaderia delivery

Recently, one of our go-to pizza delivery cravings are served by Pizzaderia. They are a local pizza place that has different branches in different cities. One of which is their Marikina branch which is located along Gen. Ordoñez Ave.

We usually order them after a good badminton game at Katipunan Prime or The Upper Deck but never at home. So when we decided to order one on a random day at home, hence this review opportunity took place.

Pizzaderia box
Pizzaderia box

We ordered thru their Facebook fan page just by simply messaging them but they are also present on some of the popular delivery apps and couriers. Everything was easy and convenient as they as very prompt in responding and various payment options were available including cash-on-delivery (COD).

As per experience, our order came 30 mins. earlier than what was requested so we just reheated it or toasted it accordingly. We ordered 2 flavors which are shawarma and shrimp & garlic.

shawarma pizza by pizzaderia
shawarma pizza

shrimp and garlic pizza by pizzaderia
shrimp and garlic pizza

The shrimp & garlic pizza, as usual, tastes as it is (delicious). But the shawarma pizza was on a different level, it was super creamy and full of flavors. It's like eating a juicy open shawarma with many fillings - in the form of pizza. A recommendable flavor for your first order.

What I like more about this than eating regular shawarma is that I get to eat more of the other ingredients than the bread. Simply fold a slice and you'll get to see what I mean just like in this photo below. Man, I am craving again.

shawarma pizza folding pizzaderia
shawarma pizza folding 

With this, I am so excited to try their other flavors which are the all-veggie, burger, and their pizzaderia special. The 3-cheese was nice too but I think the burger flavor pizza certainly is the next one because of all the greenies I see based on the menu photo on their Facebook fan page.

pizzaderia pizza delivery
pizzaderia pizza

Anyway, let me know what you guys think of their pizza especially if you have tried them too. Well, if you are just about to get your first, feel free to comment down below how did you find them after.

Address: Various branches in different cities
Contact no.: 0920 975 9758
Operating hours: 10:00AM to 9:00PM daily
pizzaderia logo

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Pizzaderia delivery review Pizzaderia delivery review Reviewed by Michael on January 26, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. shawarma and shrimp & garlic sounds amazing for Pizza choices! Not available in England, my usual is pepperoni. I would order these if ever in the Phillipines!

  2. I am a pepperoni lover but the shawarma one but me hungry, but Alas! it isn't in India.The place looks cool.

  3. This is cool and they have yummy pizza as well. Something to enjoy on the weekend treating oneself with a nice pizza.

  4. Pizza looks really so tempting to eat. I want to have pizza tonight.


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