Tukadon bikers cafe review

As we set another biking adventure, we stumbled upon one of the popular biking stops most cyclers know within the area. If you live near the vicinity of Marikina or its neighboring cities and go for some bicycle trips, you must have at least heard of them even once.

Tukadon view
Tukadon view

Tukadon bikers cafe is located at the borders of Marikina & San Mateo, Rizal. The area is known to have one of the steepest inclined pathways known to local cyclists here and of course, with great views. My first visit here was a short one where I only took a few photos but promised myself to go back and blog about the cafe. The time came and I brought Villy with me since we regularly do bike trips together during these times.

So, after that grueling bike climb (Villy almost fainted lol), we reached the cafe and did pause for a while for a good rest and some refreshing drinks. They actually serve a variety of food including some main dishes good for a full whole meal.

Tukadon bikers cafe
Tukadon bikers cafe

They serve some all-day rice meals, main courses, appetizers, sizzling plates, grilled foods, soups, even chicken wings, and some vegetable items. But since we were thirsty at that time, what we had were some fruit tea and milk tea. If you prefer yogurt or some frappe (which I was so torn to get at that time), feel free since they also have those.

The establishment is spacious and has a lot of different areas to dine in at.

Tukadon food counter
food counter

nature-friendly alfresco
nature-friendly alfresco

tukadon main dine-in area
main dine in area

Aside from the nature vibe, I like the idea that they have couches here for guests to enjoy. Who would not want that after a ridiculous bike climb like that? No one! Haha! But if I were to be asked, my favorite spot would be their overlooking spot on their elevated area.

Tukadon elevated area
elevated area

tukadon overlooking spot
overlooking spot

We timed our ride to go here to view the sunset and we were not disappointed. Actually, we were treated to a very chill and relaxing stop. Imagine, few people were present, the sun was setting, we were drinking cold treats, and with a view like this, thank you, Lord! It was a perfect break. I would like to actually do it again when able. Let's? Haha!

Tukadon drinks
Tukadon drinks

Tukadon toast
Tukadon toast

We waited for the city lights to go on before heading out and it turned out to be a beautiful plan. We were able to see the night views of the place and the overlooking and everything was good for the eyes.

Tukadon city lights night overlooking
city lights (night overlooking)

Though I will remember this where I lost my earphones, their staff were very welcoming and friendly. The prices of their food and drinks are understandably a bit pricey but the whole experience makes up for it (and I think they deserve the support of the community hosting different biking events and more). It is still a good stop for me.

P.S. Please do something about the dogs outside. Thanks! I would go back more often if it weren't for them. Haha! I mean they come in numbers and it is kind of freaking at times. Lol!

Anyway, see you on my next bike ride! I will be going for your frappes next.

Tukadon x Michael's Hut

Here is our Tukadon bikers cafe video!
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Monterey Hills Subd., PH 3 Silangan, San Mateo Rizal
Tukadon bikers cafe logo

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Tukadon bikers cafe review Tukadon bikers cafe review Reviewed by Michael on April 28, 2023 Rating: 5



  2. Ang sayang experience naman na makapunta dito , gandang cafe love the view plus my mga msasarap pa sila na foods and drinks 😍 sulit ang pag akyat 🥰

  3. Sobrang worth it ang pagod kung ganito nman kaganda yung lalakarin mo. Npaka sarap tumambay, at magkape while seeing this Magical at Beautiful View. Kasama ng tunay na Barkada.


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