Enjoying Star City rides and attractions

Random & impromptu conversations (which later on translated into a plan) while inside a car bound to The Upper Deck to go to this theme park finally happened. And it turned out to be an epic experience..

Star City rides
Star City rides

Star City is located in Pasay City just beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). They are one of the most popular and stable theme parks here in the Philippines and have become a household name in that industry.

- A little back story regarding this trip -

This original 5-man scheduled trip became 4 due to some conflicting schedules but maybe we can make it happen on the next one. Right, brotha Bry!? Anyway, enjoy Australia!

Going back, we went here early lunch to be able to maximize our stay inside and ended up with lots of extra time. Well, it's better to be early here than late, right?! By the way, I was too lazy to change so I wore the same clothes from church and Martin was not used to seeing me in decent clothes (haha! Sa totoo lang, di na rin talaga ako sanay). Ano, puro palo na lang tayo? Iba naman, pero sigawan parin. Lol.

car selfie
the crazy crew (Pat, Gab, Martin, Michael)

Martin led us to eat at Mang Inasal before going in. What a crazy idea, right? Filling ourselves before riding the rides. Hahaha! What would you expect with a crazy bunch of guys, well, I guess you already know the answer..

inside Mang Inasal near Star City
inside Mang Inasal

So many have already happened here even before we started our Star City journey but I'll leave those stories within the group. Haha! As if the shirt color wasn't enough, huh? (May GC naman tayo diba? Lol)

Moving forward, we bought tickets on-site and went inside to face our "fears".

Star City marked
marked & ready!

We went on a weekend (Sunday), and it was not as inconvenient as expected. Though a crowd is present, the line for purchasing tickets moved fast and we were able to get inside without waiting that long. Good job, Star City! I guess your crowd control is working great. Aside from different counters assigned for online and on-site ticket sales, simple stamps were used to mark people's arrival. It made the process faster making the flow more moving resulting in a better environment in a critical and sensitive area. 

The first attraction we planned to ride was the Star flyer but since test rides were still being done, we ended up with the Sea horse!

Sea horse

sea horse ride (Star City)
sea horse ride

It was Gab & Martin's first time visiting Star City so they were in for some action! Since Pat drives planes and I already visited Six Flags (Magic Mountain) from a past US trip, this was more about them testing the waters of the park. I missed shouting my lungs out riding extreme rides so here I am enjoying the park with them! So proud of you Gab for trying (despite what happened after)! WAHAHA! Mas malala sigaw mo dito kesa sa badminton games!

P.S. We seated on the tail end (last row) of the sea horse! Wohoo! Core memory goals.

If you want to see some of our live actions, watch the video at the bottom of the article. Anyway, we have gone straight for the money after and pursued the target!

Star flyer

star flyer queue
star flyer queue

riding star flyer
riding star flyer

Since we expected this to have the longest line of all attractions, we managed to make it just in time to lessen it. We were all excited to ride it that even the sun was with us all the time. Man, you need to have a break Mr. Sun, a few minutes would be nice. Hehe.

Pat was brave enough to catch some seconds of our ride before it went full speed on the video at the bottom so make sure to catch it. Sanay na sanay lumipad eh! By the way, Gab, are you calling for help (on the first photo above), too late for that, Buddy. Lol. Martin kept it cool. Appreciate you guys following plans and us seating on the front row for this! We were rocking it!

After this, one of us needed a must break and so we did (hulaan niyo na lang kung sino haha!). To loosen our phase a bit, we visited snow world!

Snow World Manila

Snow World Manila (Star City)
Snow World (Manila)

Too bad we weren't allowed to film inside which would have been so much fun but the below-freezing temperature inside (-10 to -15°) this attraction helped a lot for a much-needed sun break for all of us. Thermal jackets were provided while some gloves and ear muffs were offered for sale.

Ganyan ba dapat pag nilalamig Martin? Haha!

snow world experience
Snow World experience

It was indeed the north pole vibe inside and everything was cool. If you are looking for an all-year-round happy, Christmassy, and wintery vibe, visit them! Imagine a winter village with Christmas lights installed, snow everywhere, giant icy slides, statues of the snowman, and a hot chocolate shop.. yes, a hot chocolate shop.. all of those are present there inside.

We tried the ice slides and it was epic. I went full speed and all the crushed ice and snow flew everywhere (even on my mouth)! There was a dump of them at the end so my hands, feet, and everything has gone wet when they melted. I am not complaining since we wanted this but it cut our stay there drastically short since we felt really cold after that.

"Annyeong-haseyo! (sabay buga! Haha!)" - Gab

inside snow world manila official photo
inside snow world manila (official photo)

Felt a little bit hungry so we decided to eat at their food court. Surprisingly, Pat and I decided to have drinks only but Pat ended up buying nothing since he was already gulping drinks from time to time. However, the two first-timers bought their "mini" lunch meals to power up and ready themselves for the next attractions.

Gumana naman ba? Haha!

Star City food court photo
acting 101

Star City food court photo 1
eh nag bloopers

Star City food court photo 2

Star City food court photo 2
gulo gulo na!

Just so our stomachs to not be shocked, we all decided to visit the Gabi ng Lagim attraction. We initially thought that it would be a walk in the park for us but we were all wrong. Haha! This was my first time going inside a horror house so basically, that became the highlight.

Gabi ng Lagim

Gabi ng Lagim (Star City)
Gabi ng Lagim

I do not usually go inside attractions like this but for this blog, I did. I am always the fearless one when it comes to rides & attractions but this was something new for me since I don't like being surprised this way. Good thing, Pat was with us so he led the way on some points while the 3 of us were wrestling and screaming our lungs out with each other all the way to the exit. Haha!

The funny thing was we did not notice how many people were behind us already (including a group of girls directly right behind us) with our group causing the bottleneck. Pat apologized to them but they said that they were actually happy and entertained that we were the one in front of them. I guess that is some good news? Lol.

P.S. I still remember someone pushing my face forward all the time to some of the moving portions while all the chaos was happening inside and it's only amongst you guys. I will find it out and get back! Mark it done! Haha! Since Gab's right arm is locked with my left and so he is out of my suspects. So it's between you guys, Martin & Pat.

Update: Martin confessed. Haha!

Giant Star Wheel

giant ferris wheel (Star City)
giant wheel 

I was only joking that I will shake our wagon while riding this giant wheel but Pat was the one who did it. Haha! He only did not shake it but he was jumping at some point which is not a good example. Don't follow that.

We managed to do what we have initially planned so make sure to watch the video below for the footage. The view on top is just so good that we have to take this awesome selfie while we were there! You'll see Manila bay, the whole Star City complex, and buildings along Roxas Boulevard. Ganda!

riding giant wheel selfie
giant wheel selfie

We also rode the Star frisbee which we thankfully rode the last. It was exhilaratingly fun but be ready to get a bit dizzy afterward. The gravity force here is strong so gear up accordingly to last the 2-minute fight. My favorite part would be when the circle-turn goes the same direction as the swing making the pressure or G-force double. It feels like a rocket ship going to space and I love it! Wahaha! The adrenaline junkie me is still alive and kicking! Great to know!

star frisbee
star frisbee

Some of the adrenaline-pumping rides they got to keep even after the fire were the surf dance, jungle splash, and more.

surf dance
surf dance

jungle splash and more
jungle splash and more

Even though I seldom visit theme parks anymore compared to before especially after experiencing the international ones, I would still love to go from time to time and shout my lungs out, particularly with friends like them who are always game for everything. Are they? Lol. Good times are good times! I will be excited for our next trip whenever-wherever (as schedule permits haha!).

You did great guys, Pat, especially the two first-timers, Gab & Martin! At hopefully masamahan na tayo ni Bryan sa susunod! Haha! Ano? Tara?! G!!

Michael's Hut x Star City
until our next trip boys!

Here is our Star City video!
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Vicente Sotto St., CCP Complex, Pasay City
Operating hours: Thursday to Friday, 2:00PM to 10:00PM
Saturdays & Sundays, 1:00PM to 10:00PM
Contact nos.: 8832 32 49
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Enjoying Star City rides and attractions Enjoying Star City rides and attractions Reviewed by Michael on April 16, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. Ohhhh nakakaenjoy ganitong rides at magandang attractions
    Worth it Ang Inyong pagpunta niyo dito kasi ang eenjoy din kayong apat at napakamemorable Po ito Sa Inyo

  2. Sounds like a fun trip around Star City. I love theme parks and attractions like that, so this looks great x

  3. I saw the video on Youtube. Looks like it was a fun trip. I'd like everything but the horror house too, I am a big chicken!

  4. I still remember my first time visit at Star City, it was an awesome day with my friends. Eto rin ba yung nasunog couple of years ago? Mabuti at bukas na ulit sila!

  5. OO. Ito yung nasunog pero oks na ulit sila. Open na ulit.

  6. Ang saya! And game na game ang friends, yan ang masayang bonding. I haven't been to Star City since it reopened. I've always wanted to take the kids to Snow World. Sayang, di pala pwede magvideo inside? But photos, pwede? Or may bayad?
    We'll visit soon!

  7. hindi pwede mag picture sa loob kasi may photographers sa loob at for sale yung pictures. di rin pwede mag video sa loob =( sayang nga eh for content lang sana. ganda sa loob!

  8. Ang ganda talaga mamasyal dyan sa Star City. Ang daming maeenjoy na rides. Mapa-bata man or adult, babalik balikan ang lugar na ito.


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