Burgelicious Madness Marikina review

We tried a food place that we always pass by going in and out of the city, and to be honest, it was a good and chill experience overall. I was not expecting a lot but I was actually surprised in a good way.

Burgelicious Madness Marikina
Burgelicious Madness

Burgelicious Madness is located in Marikina City. From its name, it boasts its burger offerings that tower literally and figuratively. Though they specialize in that food line, they also offer a wide variety of other food options especially snacks and sides that include fries, nachos, and salads. They also offer different kinds of pasta, silog meals, egg drops, chicken meals, dimsums, milk tea, takoyaki, and more. 

On scheduled times, I meet with some churchmates to talk, listen, and share life, generally. We usually try and visit some new food places from time to time and it's Burgelicious' turn. Lines form on their peak hours so make sure to either visit them early or just get ready to be patient before being served.

burgelicious madness food counter
food counter

The place looks small from afar but when you go inside, it is actually bigger than expected. We dined in dinner time so the temperature was just right and was comfortable enough. The whole place is open and alfresco-designed. Even though there were a lot of people eating at the same time we were there, adequate tables were present and still can accommodate more.

inside Burgelicious Madness
inside Burgelicious Madness

We tried the towers and bundles (burger edition) that is considered a group meal or what they call a party tower because it was perfectly packaged for 4 people that would fit our group. And it looks really good presentation-wise.

cheesy party tower
cheesy party tower

It comes with 4 cheesy burgers with French fries, nachos, salads, and different dips. They were all good just like what other commercialized versions there are especially for the fries and the burgers. The nachos were a good option for those who prefer it more than the fries and their fries tasted like the popular local French fries brand we all love (lol).

We also ordered a red iced tea pitcher for sharing and some milk tea on the side.

milk tea by Burgelicious
milk tea by Burgelicious

And since I love tomatoes and lettuce, it was a good thing I was the last one to finish my burger where I placed all the salad leftovers on my burger and enjoyed it to the fullest. What a hack, right? Haha! Thank you guys for leaving all the salad alone.

Burgelicious x Michael's Hut
the snack (cheesy burger) tower

On our next visit, I might try their Takoyaki, chicken meals, chicken burger, and those flavored wings which smell really good that were ordered by the tables around us. We enjoyed our stay here because the place was clean, neat, and well-managed. Well, though there were no flies present, I hope they can also manage the cats going in and out of the establishment from time to time. Other than that, everything was good.

Inside Burgelicious Madness video!
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: #2 Asarol St. Cor. Kareta St., Marikina City
Operating hours: 10:00AM to 3:00AM daily
burgelicious madness logo

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Burgelicious Madness Marikina review Burgelicious Madness Marikina review Reviewed by Michael on May 02, 2023 Rating: 5

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