Cafe Juanita review at Pasig City

Another Sunday means another family dine-out day. Dad searched for something nice and found this food place that has been serving Filipino foods for years, especially for its patrons. We even saw a local celebrity inside, curious to founding out who? Read along.

Cafe Juanita
Cafe Juanita

Cafe Juanita is located at Pasig City. They are mainly a Filipino restaurant but also serve other Asian cuisines and do a buffet on Sundays.

What stands out for me here about them (other than the food which we'll tackle later) is their aesthetic interiors. Aside from the "anitos", Spanish lamps, placemats, classic jars, and plants surround the place. All of these are combined with lights of different colors that sets the classic extravagant mood inside.

table set up cafe juanita
table set up

inside cafe juanita
inside Cafe Juanita

We dined in as walk-in guests only and thankfully they still have seats on their 2nd floor available. Many tables were reserved when we went in so it says something interesting about them. Actually, when some of their guests went in, I overheard the waiters greeting them that it has been a while since their last visit and some "Hello again". That gives me an idea that they really have loyal patrons that keep coming back again and again either for their service and/or food.

2nd-floor seats Cafe Juanita
2nd-floor seats

There is also something in the location of some of their tables and the way they are set up that gives more privacy than usual which I think is a good thing that people quietly appreciate here. Personally, there are some mysterious feels inside but let's just go and talk about the food.

private corners at Cafe Juanita
private corners

What we had that time were the following:

clam chowder soup
clam chowder soup

Flavors were rich and coming out but the cute presentation will take the spotlight. Hehe.

Juanita crispy lumpia
Juanita crispy lumpia

lengua estofado
lengua estofado

We all enjoyed their Juanita crispy lumpia. The pork and crab meats inside were nice that should be eaten covered with the lettuce and all the rest that comes with it. A little dip in their vinegar sauce should complete the special Juanita crispy lumpia experience.

Mom & Tita are quite selective & reserved with judging foods but they tagged their lengua as good & soft. I don't eat this so I am sharing what they think. Lol.

yang chow fried rice
yang chow fried rice

spicy chicken
spicy chicken (new)

Their Yang chow fried rice is very flavorful and I can eat it alone even without any main dish along. But since I ordered a spicy chicken meal serving, I ate it both at the same time adding a little more spice to my Cafe Juanita experience. Sarap! There is something distinct about their fried rice from the other Chinese restaurants I usually eat so I enjoyed tasting that different-ness here. Liking all the little twists here.

And after tasting a glimpse of what they can offer, I can now understand why they have many patrons. Though I am eager to try some of their other offerings on their menu, I think we might target experiencing their Sunday buffet first the next time. Though meals are quite pricey than the average food restaurants we have here, I think they are still a great find and a must-try once in a while. Besides, it is not every day you'll end up eating with a Charo Santos-Concio at the same food place at the same time, right?

Here are some clips inside the establishment
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 19 West Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Operating hours: 8:30AM to 9:00PM daily
2:00PM to 9:00PM on Tuesdays
Contact nos.: 8 632-03 57 or 0922-8779894
cafe juanita logo

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Cafe Juanita review at Pasig City Cafe Juanita review at Pasig City Reviewed by Michael on May 11, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. This looks amazing!!!

  2. Ang ganda Sa Loob , Their ambiance and the decors ay kay sarap Sa eyes,,,,,
    Ohhhh Mata at tiyan ang Mabubusug Dito
    Nakakatakam din lahat ng pagkain Dito


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