Tri-Mo Shawarma in Lagro Quezon City

Shawarma has been one of our go-to foods when it comes to quick breaks and on-the-go choices. Well, popular brands are already saturating the market by taking the food stall industry by storm but we encountered one that is flourishing area-wise and it is working for them, big time.

tri-mo shawarmas
Tri-Mo Shawarmas

Tri-Mo Shawarma here in Lagro Quezon City is the one I am talking about. My good friend JP recommended this place for us to try since he went to Lagro High School back then. Of course, I went here with him and brought Gab with us. The establishment is actually big but the queue is just saying something different.

inside tri-mo shawarma Lagro
inside Tri-Mo Shawarma

We went here on a Saturday night and the house is full. Actually, we were blessed enough to be transferred to a bigger table from a small one while waiting for our turn to order. The line was the only one who made this trip long (aside from the traffic going back home lol) because they managed to serve our food a few minutes only after ordering despite having the long queue. I think they are already used to having it.

tri-mo shawarma food counter
food counter

What we had here were the following:

all-meat beef shawarma
all-meat beef shawarma

special chicken shawarma
special chicken shawarma

sizzling beef shawarma
sizzling beef shawarma


The special chicken shawarma was good. I like the chunkiness of the presentation due to the generous serving of chicken and veggies inside but the beef shawarma was the bomb. It was very flavorful and the saltiness was perfect. It's like eating all the side parts of the beef which was covered with sauce. If you like eating the leftover beef crumbs on the pan, it's like that and more. I would order that again the next time. Haha!

Thankfully, we had the sizzling beef shawarma to partner with rice and get some of it to put more on our pita breads. Solved! We did not have the chance to taste the pork shawarma but it is a good reason to go back, right? Kelan ba Jeyps? Haha!

tri-mo shawarma dining
Tri-Mo Shawarma dining

During our whole stay here, the queue did not falter. The line at the food counter was always present and long even at the time we were already going out. What's good here is that you always have the choice to eat on the go if all the tables and chairs are occupied. Cars are even lined up around the establishment assumingly they'll just order and go.

tri-mo shawarma Lagro
Tri-Mo Shawarma (Lagro)

So if you pass by the area, make sure to check their place out. And yes, they also do deliver so make that move and send them a message on their official Facebook page to have a taste of their wanted (in a good way) shawarmas.

Here are some clips inside the place
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Bristol Street Barangay Greater Lagro , Quezon City
Operating hours: 1:00 PM  to 12:00 MN daily
Tri-Mo Shawarma logo

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  2. Ohhh ang sasarap naman Nito and I Love shawarma Too


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