Canadian tourist VISA application (eTA)

If you are planning to get your first Canadian tourist VISA like us, let me share with you what we did to at least help in any way possible. Whether knowing the basic requirements, what the whole process looks like, and how much it cost, hopefully, this will give you an idea and process yours faster.

Canadian tourist VISA eTA application
Canadian tourist VISA eTA application

Upon research, the process is mostly done by printing online documents (optional), taking photos, and filling-up forms but for your convenience, I will first list here their published requirements for getting a Canadian tourist (visitor) VISA via the eTA (electronic travel authorizationprogram.

We were actually in the middle of processing our Canadian tourist VISA application the regular way but suddenly, the eTA program was announced. This was a big blessing because not only that the process was shortened but fewer requirements, minimal fees, and fast results can be expected.

"An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. An eTA is electronically linked to a traveler’s passport. It is valid for up to five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.  If you get a new passport, you need to get a new eTA."

Reference page on their official web page HERE


1. Holds a passport that is included in the list of countries eligible for the eTA program
2. Either held a Canadian VISA (the last 10 yrs.OR currently holds a valid US non-immigrant VISA

* Since the Philippines is included in the new 13 eligible countries that have been added to the list for the eTA program AND we currently have a valid US non-immigrant VISA, we applied.


- Passport
- Credit Card
- Email address

Canada (eTA) application requirements
Canada (eTA) application requirements

1. Fill up the online forms (take pictures & print them accordingly)
2. Pay 7 CAD per application using a credit card
3. See the result in your registered email address in minutes up to 72 hours max.

Canadian ETA application result
Canadian ETA application result

And that's it. Congratulations! You may now visit Canada. Regular assessments will still be done and additional questions may still be asked by the Canadian border officers as part of their process when arriving.

Here is the video version of this article
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

You don't need to bring or print anything extra since they will automatically detect that your passport has an eTA. For reference or additional proof only, feel free to print the confirmation email with the eTA no. but I think having a picture is already enough just in case.

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