The motorcycle perk to know

With the continous rising of inflation here in our country, can your income keep up? Prices of goods keep going up and up but seldom our salaries. If you are thinking of doing a business (for additional income) or a quick solution to this financial problem, this might be a game-changer.

ML motorcycle loan
ML motorcycle loan

So many people especially here in the Philippines owns a motorcycle because they are more attainable, cheaper, and more convenient to have than a car but did you know that you can use them as collateral to do a quick cash loan?

M Lhuillier has this motorcycle loan under its quick cash loans and it has very nice features. With only a few basic requirements, anyone can get this loan almost instantly.


- Customer's vehicle with standard plate number
- Vehicle keys 
- Original official receipt (OR) and certificates of registration (CR)  
- Two valid IDs
Photo copy of 2 valid ID with specimen signature


- The vehicle should be registered in the name of the customer. 
- The original OR should be updated and CR should not be marked ENCUMBERED or the vehicle should be free from all liens and encumbrances. 
- The vehicle should be in good condition with no extensive body damage and no disqualifying characteristics such as extensive damaged engine or transmission. The vehicle must have no mechanical problems and must be road worthy.
- The odometer reading should not go beyond 80,000 km.
- OR should not be expired during the duration of the loan.
- Customers should agree with our terms and conditions.


List of Japanese motorcycles brands that must be brand new or purchased at least two years before acceptance

- Yamaha
- Honda
- Suzuki
- Kawasaki


1. Simply present your motorcycle for appraisal.
2. Submit a valid ID & wait for approval.
3. Once approved, get your cash.

ML quick cash loans
ML quick cash loans

So whether you need cash soon for either business or to attend some basic needs, this is almost an instant solution you can make. And with more than 3,000 M Lhuillier branches nationwide to do this loan, not only anytime but you can do this almost anywhere too.

Let's end those personal or business worries quickly when solutions like this is just around the corner. With new opportunities like this M Lhuillier's motorcycle loan bring, I am pretty sure this is a big help not only limited to the situations given but to more other instances many are facing.

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