Are you ready for the worst?

We should not be focusing on the worst but it is always best to be prepared when things go the other way. The big question here is "How prepared are you?". Accidents happen, sicknesses occur, and unexpected things take place which usually put people in critical situations not only health-wise but financially as well hence insurance benefits come into play.

MLhuillier Insurance
MLhuillier Insurance

MLhuillier Insurance prides its various plans that cater to different situations and needs protecting families thru claims that are perfectly tailored accordingly. They offer Pinoy Protect Plus, Family Protect Plus, Pawners Protect, Family Protect, and Kwarta Padala Protect insurance packages.

For personal accidents, the price starts at P5 which can insure P20,000 with a month's coverage (Kwarta Padala Protect) up until P99 that can insure P30,000 good for 6 people with a year's coverage (Family Protect Plus).

For dengue RX, the price starts at P150 which can cover up to P30,000 worth of hospitalization expenses due to dengue with a year's coverage.

For ER Guard, the price starts at P970 which can cover up to P30,000 emergency room expenses.

They also have CTPL (Compulsory Third Part Liability) insurance, Global Travel Protect Insurance for frequent travelers, and OFW Balik Mangagawa Insurance. They even have Mediphone Insurance for only P250 a year (bundle with personal accident insurance worth P25,000).
For more information, visit MLhuillier's insurance packages here.

For medical-focused insurance including emergency room, personal accident, virtual medical assistance, and medical reimbursement packages you can also check this page for more.

What are the requirements for insurance claims?

To make a claim, here are the things you need to prepare:

   > Original Copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI)
   > Incident, Police, or Barangay report
   > Properly filled-up personal accident claim form
   > Medico-legal or death certificate
   > Insured person’s valid I.D. card
   > Birth certificate (if single); Marriage contract (if married)
   > Beneficiary’s birth certificate
   > Proof of transaction with ML branch

How can I claim the insurance? 

Step 1: 
The claimant shall report the incident at any M Lhuillier branch nationwide. FLA shall notify ISPD of the incident.

Step 2: 
Notice of insurance claim should be made within thirty (30) days after the date of the accident to avoid denial of the claim.

Step 3: 
ISPD will provide a list of requirements to the branch for the claimant’s completion.

Step 4: 
Once the claimant completes the requirements, the case will undergo evaluation and investigation.

Step 5
Should there be no additional requirement and the case has been evaluated and approved, check payment will then be processed for the rightful beneficiary.

protektodo anytime anywhere
protektodo anytime anywhere

Availing of such insurance packages is not only wise but can also be treated as an investment. Not only that it gives you more than what you paid for but it buys you security and peace of mind that are priceless. With paying NOT more than 4% of the claimable amounts on the given insurance packages, that itself is already a deal to grab.

Yes, we should not be focusing on the worst but it is always best to be prepared when things go the other way and this is why they are here.

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  1. Trueeeee ,me must Focus the things na sigurado katulad Nitong M Lhuillier Insurance ❤️ napakalaking tulong ito sa Atin or even though sa ating Pamilya ❤️❤️
    Kaya Worth It To avail this Kind Of Insurance ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Iba dn tlga pag may MLhuillier Insurance malaking tulong din tlga and my insurance packages dn pla . Madali lang dn ma claim ang insurance very infromative . Thank you for sharing this! 🥰

  3. Iba talaga pag may Insurance and may MLhuillier Insurance na din pala and galing nung packages nila ❤️ Thanks for sharing po ❤️


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