Le Katsu Mnl (Nangka Marikina) review

I wanted to try them out for quite a long time now after seeing a lot of branches here in our city and it seems the perfect timing came today. I got to try them and the wait was worth it! Why? Read along. Kasi naman, sino bang hindi magugutom pag Katsu na pinag uusapan? Haha!

Le Katsu Mnl  (Nangka) Marikina foods
Le Katsu Mnl  (Nangka) foods

Le Katsu Mnl is a franchisable business brand that serves hot and fresh Japanese street Katsus but not limited to those. They also serve different types of ramen, burgers, makis, katsudogs on sticks, and other Japanese snacks (depending on the branch).
We visited their Nangka branch located just along J.P. Rizal beside the Cleanfuel station and we were treated to a feast! Ang ganda at linis din ng branch na to. Meron din silang CR na de card sa vicinity. Sosyal!

Le Katsu Mnl Nangka branch
Nangka branch

They have dine-in tables and chairs set up like this at ang comfortable ng vibe sa loob. May pa free candies din sila for all guests to enjoy.

Le Katsu counter

inside Le Katsu Nangka (Marikina)
inside Le Katsu Nangka

The items we tried on their menu were the following:

tantanmen ramen
tantanmen ramen

black garlic ramen
black garlic ramen

Their ramen tastes good at tama yung mga timpla with the right serving size. It was perfect that time since it was drizzling a bit outside to complement the cold weather.

shrimp katsu
shrimp katsu

tori menchi katsu
tori menchi katsu (cheese-filled)

I am a solid chicken katsu fan but their shrimp katsu here is a must-try! Siksik na siksik yung pagkagat ko kasi hindi usual breading ang ginamit. Kinatsu yung shrimp at ang sarap! Ang galing. This may not be the first time I have eaten this kind of shrimp katsu meal but this is the first time I am consciously knowing that it was done that way. Good job, Le Katsu Mnl!

katsudog on stick
katsudog on stick

Japfries with jap mayo and spicy mayo dips

They also serve party boxes of katsu perfect for groups. You can actually mix different kinds of katsu here but this one below is a combination of chicken and pork katsu. Busolve!

P.S. We also wanted to try their Tori Katsu burger but it was sold out that time.

Katsu party box (chicken & pork)
Katsu party box (chicken & pork)

Le Katsu feast dining
Le Katsu Mnl feast

I really enjoyed everything here including the Japfries and Katsudogs dahil ang quality ng pagka gawa. You'll appreciate it once you experience it yourself kaya try niyo na din sila. I am always happy to eat Japanese meals because they come with veggies on the side.

Gab rated them 8.7 of 10 at ang taas nun compared sa ibang mga kinainan namin. Kung hindi lang daw siya muntik na ma lock sa CR nila dito mas mataas dapat. Haha! Kidding aside, I am really happy I got to try them dahil ang affordable rin ng rates nila. So see them for yourselves and appreciate their serving sizes too. Sulit!

Le Katsu dining
Le Katsu dining (di yan bigayan, agawan yan haha!)

Actually sa sobrang excited namin tikman lahat, na enjoy ang mga pagkaen, at daldal nitong kasama ko, nakalimutan namin mag picture nang may hawak kaming mga pagkaen. Haha! Well, it's actually a good reason to come back so all goods!

I guess see you again soon, Le Katsu Mnl! Hopefully same branch padin!! Sarap!

Here are some clips inside the establishment
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: Cleanfuel - J.P. Rizal cor. Narra St. Brgy. Nangka, Marikina City, Philippines
Operating hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12:00nn to 9:00PM
Contact no.: 0920 569 0792
Le Katsu Mnl logo

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Le Katsu Mnl (Nangka Marikina) review Le Katsu Mnl (Nangka Marikina) review Reviewed by Michael on September 19, 2023 Rating: 5


  1. Ohhhh wowww ,daming foods at Ang sasarap 😋, nakakatakam talaga

  2. Dami dn choices sa knilang menu na masasarap . Gusto ko ung shrimp katsu 🤤


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