Financially helping Filipinos throughout the years

For whatever reason one might need some immediate financial assistance, many are willing to help. One of them has been in the industry bridging Filipinos as a solution to problems or even achieving dreams through this financial transaction.

ML quick cash loan
ML quick cash loan

M Lhuillier's Quick Cash Loan (QCL) has been one of the stablest financial services Filipinos have patronized throughout the years, it has helped countless individuals and families already. 

What's convenient here is that all 3,000 M Lhuillier branches nationwide are ready to serve quick cash loans. With the highest appraisal and lowest interest rate, every transaction is guaranteed to be of value. You can check more about this quick cash loan service here including some sample computations, terms & conditions, and FAQs.

Some of the items that can be considered as collateral are jewelry, mobile phones, laptops, watches, bikes, power tools and so much more. You can check the complete list here.

Other kinds of loans available:

* ML pensioner's loan

and more...

Safe and secure transactions are guaranteed as collateral items are securely packaged and stored in a "safe within a vault" and every branch is equipped with CCTVs, fire alarms, and monitored security systems. Renewing loans can even be done on ANY branch if necessary.

How to avail

> Present the item/s to the appraiser
> Submit a valid ID or ML Diamond Card
> Get your cash and pawn ticket

How to redeem items

> Give the signed pawned ticket to the teller
> Present the ML Diamond Card along with your payment
> Claim the item/s and official receipt

QCL by M Lhuillier
QCL by M Lhuillier

One will never know when this financial need will occur especially for emergency purposes but rest assured that M Lhuillier's helping hands are always available through this quick cash loan anytime and anywhere.

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  1. M Lluillier Ito ang tulay sa bawat mamayang Pilipino para makatulong sa pamamagitan Ng ganitong Loan at salamat Sa pagshare this blog Sir Michael
    If how to avail ganitong loan

  2. This is really helpful especially during emergencies. I like that the process of availment is easier, less hassle.


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