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Hi there! My name is Michael. I have created this blog since March 2013 to spend my spare time more productively, so I hope you guys enjoy it. The blog is categorized under lifestyle/personal blogs where I share the things I am interested in.

As a graduate of a marketing degree at the University of Santo Tomas (Entrepreneurship to be exact), I enjoy promoting the things I like that will benefit the blog's visitors, but not limited to that. I became fond of sharing the things I find interesting here very productive and as well as helpful to others. And that is why one of my goals in here is to do this (write informative and hopefully helpful article posts for others) as often as I could.

About Michael
Enjoying the climb

Just to share, one of my dreams is to have work plus ministry job at the same time which would be very awesome. I know it contradicts each other, but having that kind of life would be nice. Fulfilling both financial and spiritual aspects of life in one. (If I can still put healthy living and fitness lifestyle there, that would be perfect. Haha!)

P.S. This dream already happend through Brad's Family and Friends diner! Thank you Lord for the experiences and opportunities.

By the way, feel free to email me at my official email address which is [email protected] for any concerns, partnerships, sponsorships, or collaborations.

Emmanuel - God is with us,
(John 3:16)

Blog milestones:

1. Started blogging - March 28, 2013
2. Approved Google Adsense - February 01, 2019
3. First payout from blogging - April 22, 2019
4. Monetized my related YouTube account

   * List of things I did to grow my YouTube channel 
   - Under review (February 14, 2020). Yes, happy valentine's day to me lol!
   - Officially monetized (February 16, 2020). Are you kidding me (after 1 working day)?! Woah!
   - First payout with informative vlogging or YouTube earnings. Thank you Lord.

5. From free hosting blogspot to custom domain ".com" - November 28, 2020

Next targets: (aside from growing current subscribers on the given accounts)

5. Monetize my related Facebook fan page 
   - First Facebook star was received July 2023
   - Facebook reels was monetized August 2023 (will post when first paycheck received)
6. Might explore Instagram account opportunities after

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  1. Nice to get to know more about you. I started my blog in 2015. I also enjoy promoting things that I like.

  2. Obsessed with your blog! Hello from an all the time reader

  3. Nice blog! Been reading your blogs for quite a long time now. And I always love it.

  4. It was nice meeting the man behin michashut.com :) I was surprises that you start blogging since 2013.

    1. Me too. Been a while but ave long breaks hehe

  5. Hi Michael! Good to hear more about you. We have lot of things in common. Lookin forward to see more of your blogs.

  6. I always love reading your blog so itbwas a great opportunity for me to know more about you

  7. Hey Michael! Just checked your blog and it was really good. Happy to meet the guy behind all of these.

  8. What an interesting piece. I love learning more about other bloggers.

  9. It was really nice knowing things about you and it seems that you are really a busy person. I also enjoyed reading your blog and thank you for letting us know more about yourself.

  10. Nice to meet you! I'm a new reader, but look forward to getting to learn more about you through your posts.

  11. Best of luck with making your dreams come true. I hope that you are blessed to share your spiritual life with others while also working your blog and more.

  12. Trying to find the right balance in life is so important! I can definitely relate to what you said about wanting to have a job and ministry role. I myself am trying to find a balance between having a job that pays me enough and wanting to spend time writing and doing art.

  13. Looks like a great blog and interesting to read. Looking forward to see more of your blogs.Thanks for sharing.


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