Bucket List

I personally am not fond of and used to on listing things that I wanted to do, especially if it is for the future unless it's work-related. But it won't hurt to try and let you guys know about it, right? Knowing a little bit of me is part of having a blog and besides, who knows that one of you guys will be the way to make some of them a reality. It would be wayyy super cool!

I am pretty sure to forget some of the things that I will be writing here for some time. But rest assured that I will remember them when I get back to this list, or even add some of the unlisted ones.

Here goes for nothing:

Ride a 90 degree down roller-coaster - X-2 ride from Six-Flags, California
* Ride a better roller coaster than the X-2 (New Jersey!!)
* Experience the Formula 1 ride Ferrari World at UAE, Dubai
* Ride a Jet fighter plane and do a twist and turn acrobatic
* Ride a helicopter
Ride a plane - Done
Ride a plane alone to another country - An unforgettable moment, Los Angeles
Ride a plane for a business trip - Done (Vegas and New York)
* Ride a plane on business class
Ride a motorcycle - Done 
Ride a long cable car - Hong Kong 2013
* Experience a cruise or ride a ship
Bungee Jump (or even reverse) - Boracay 2016

* Sky Dive (any feet)
* Parachute Ride
* Reach the peak of Mt. Everest
* Reach "Christ the Redeemer" statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* See the Stone Stonehenge in person
* Walk on the Great wall of China
* See an Egyptian pyramid
* Touch the waters of the Amazon River
* See an actual eruption of a volcano
* See in person the famous Aurora Borealis
* See how beautiful Maldives is (top view)
Rappel - in one of a church camp or school field trip
Zip Line - at Loreland resort, Antipolo
* Under the sea diving
* Surf, in water
Roller skate - with my older brother John & cousin Micro at Kingsville, Cainta
* Learn another local dialect
* Become fluent on another foreign language (other than English)
* Buy a lot (with or without a house)
Own a business - Galacscape computer shop, a thesis/4th year college project
* Own a theme park
* Own a house
* Own a building
* Own a gym (personal or business)
* Own a sports complex (even start from a simple badminton court)
* Own a pet tiger
Go to any part of United States - visit relatives from time to time (LA to Vegas trip)
Go to New York - A Business trip, IX Photo Plus Expo
Go to Las Vegas, Nevada - IX WPPI Expo
Sleep on one of its known hotels - Excalibur Hotel
* Go to an African wild life
* Go to Red Woods, San Francisco
* Go to Alaska (any part even the border, HAHA!)
* Go to North OR South Pole
Go to Japan - 2016
* Go to any UAE country
Go to Korea - Korea family trip
Go to Boracay Island - Boracay 2016
* Go to Scott Land and see the view of Sky Fall setting from James Bond movie
* Go to High Tatras, Slovakia where Eragon the movie was filmed
Visit any Disney Land theme park - Hong Kong
Visit Disney Land Singapore - Singapore 2018 (Universal Studios)
Visit a Universal Studio theme park - Anaheim, Singapore, & Japan
Experience a negative degree temperature - Biwako Valley, Japan trip
See a mountain FULLY covered with snow (like Mt. Fuji) - Biwako Valley, Japan trip
And climb it, ROFL - Biwako Valley, Japan trip
See ice formation like islands - From a plane view to NYC
* See a Dessert horizon (pure sand)
* See an actual Camel
* Snow board
* Go to space
* Talk to an astronaut in complete suit
Experience zero gravity - Superman ride from Six-Flags
See snow - Arizona, US and Japan
Experience an actual snow fall - Japan trip
See Grand Canyon - Very nice, you won't believe it at first (Interstate trip)
See the Empire State building - My neck hurts on looking up from below
Experience the Empire State building viewing deck - Great view, I feel like King Kong
See the actual Statue of Liberty - from the NY business trip
Walk in the streets of New York City - from the NY business trip
Experience central park NY - from the NY business trip
Go to NY Central square - from the NY business trip
Experience Casino - from LA family trip & Las Vegas business trip
* See the Brooklyn bridge where Godzilla was slain (may have seen it from the Empire State)
* See the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
* See Ground Zero
* Experience a sand storm
* Make a known landmark ride
* Create an App
* Create a game application
* Meet a Hollywood star (not made in wax)
* See an actual behind-the-scene Hollywood movie
* Be a friend with a local celebrity (main stream) and ask how things are doing
* Meet Kristine Hermosa or Jessy Mendiola in person
* Have 5 sons who can all play in one sport and be as a team
* Finish reading the bible
See a wild snake - Little but creepy
Receive an actual check from Google for this blog - April 22, 2019
* Represent our country Philippines to any international activity. 
* Experience an actual snowfall inside a cafe in a city
* Dive at Barracuda Lake in Coron, Palawan
Monetize my YouTube account too lol - February 16, 2020
* Recieve the silver play button from YouTube - Suppport via subscribing here
* Get 10k facebook fans for Michael's Hut fan page
* Get 100k facebook fans for Michael's Hut fan page (get verified)
* Get 10k followers on my Instagram account (swipe up feature)
* Get 100k followers on my Instagram account (get verified)

This will be all for now.

But for sure I will be adding more soon. Feel free to let me know your thoughts: If you have experienced them already, you are just about to do them, you share the same interest, you recommend a more daring activity, suggest a great addition to the list, etc..

I really do not expect anything to happen at once but everything has its right time. I usually do not do anything to make a single thing on the given list be pushed or force it to happen. But when God plans to give it to you, Thank Yooouuuu Lord!

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  1. Great bucket list! I think it is SO important to put together a list like this to encourage us to really live life to the fullest. I also love that you didn't hold back. Some people create a bucket list but make it all easy to attain, failing to stretch and really dream.

  2. Thats quite a list. But already you have achieved so many so you will surely achieve the remaining too. Goodluck!

    1. Thanks Mondipa, was surprised too on ticking a number.

  3. What a bucket list! You have so many fun and adventurous things on here to do! I have to say having ticked the Maldives off my list this year I can wholeheartedly say it’s worth it - it’s amazing to look down on all the islands from a plane and marvel at what God has made x

    1. Oh my, you are making me more excited. lol. But maybe not next year because of the Pandemic, but who knows! =)

  4. oooh this is something that's been on my mind a lot lately as I approach a big birthday milestone next year. I'm busy making my own bucket list. Good luck with yours!

    1. Haha! It seems you are building a good one. eh?

  5. I LOVE writing lists, but usually more general "to do" lists. I used to have a bucket list, but once I realised I was never going to be able to do all those things, it got pretty sad to read through. However, you've done some awesome things so far! All the travel-related ones I am SUPER jealous of. I'd love to do all the NY stuff, and see the Grand Canyon, AND go bungee jumping too! That all sounds so exciting.

    1. I can feel your excitement at the end of the phrase! Go and revive that list, make it happen!

  6. I like how your bucketlist is very achievable; in fact, you have reached a lot of these goals. It's pretty motivating!

    1. I like that you are claiming that they are achievable. Yes to this! Haha!

  7. That's quite a list you've got there. Still a long way to go but it's a good thing you've started.

  8. I like the idea of a bucket list. It's so rewarding when you actually get to strike something off and make space for something new.

  9. Your list is amazing & maybe it's time to write a new list as I've finished everything on original list except for writing a book but heck, I think 2,000+ blog posts is a good start on that ...


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