My covid-19 (coronavirus) experience | I had 9 symptoms

The idiom "imagine yourself when you are in their shoes" is an entirely different experience versus when you already found yourself in THOSE shoes. I have some initial knowledge about the virus including even some of our households had it before (short story here). But as per my experience and as we all know, preventing having the virus is always better than curing it so I hope sharing my personal experience here will enlighten you about things and will help you in any way this can.

isolation view
isolation view


* Thru receiving packages/deliveries - I am always the receiver of things here in the household so this might be a possibility but I always wear my mask and spray alcohol every time.

* Thru some workers doing some constructions here in the house - Being the contact person to most projects, it's always in the possibilities, of course.

* I seldom go out to buy milk tea and do some personal errands like banking and going to the market/convenient stores so this is also in the equation. 

* I  still play badminton from time to time (when possible) - Even though we practice the pandemic protocols, there would be times including the actual plays that we don't wear masks which is a very vulnerable time to catch it.


Unfortunately, I felt it after playing a badminton game. I already had a feeling of having a headache but this is not new to me. I usually have it (headache) after playing due to different reasons which include lack of sleep days before, dehydration, too much playing, and so on.. I also felt hot but this is also not new to me since it always happens to me when I play too much.. but what sets it apart was the cough. I normally sneeze because I have allergic rhinitis but I rarely cough

WHAT WERE MY SYMPTOMS (Chronologically arranged)

1. Semi-headache - After the badminton game

2. On-and-off fever - It started slow and low but it peaked around 38.9° when I was isolated.

3. Cough - This started slow and mild but went crazy after some days. It came to a point where there was no chance to breathe because it was happening too much

4. No sense of smell - This gradually happened because I can still smell some ointments but they don't smell the same.

5. No sense of taste -  This also slowly transitioned as it should work with the sense of smell at the same time, foods may taste either less or not their usual.

6. Diarrhea - I was visiting the comfort room more than my eating times.

7. Indigestion - I feel full after eating a few bites and when no. 6 happens, some of the foods were still recognizable.

8. Difficulty in breathing - Having covid has phases/stages and when it reaches its peak or near its peak performance, breathing will be harder since breathing deeper or longer will result to coughing. I was forced to breathe more frequently taking less air to lessen my coughing to rest my lungs.

9. Felt weak and tired - With all the things happening, you will really feel this enduring all those coughs, difficulty in breathing and sleeping, eating less, being isolated, etc..

vaccination card
vaccination card


So days after having some symptoms, I was forced to isolate myself from the household in our house. Not that long, I received the result of being positive for carrying the virus.. I thought it was just going to be easy and will go through the experience without any "serious" issues but it was not the case. My on-and-off fever was getting worse where I chill when the electric fan blows directly at me but feels hot when it's not/off (extremes). By the way, I had a fever for the whole two (2) weeks.. Then, my sense of smell and taste deteriorated until they were completely gone taking my eating appetite with it. The critical part here was that it was combo'ed with diarrhea and indigestion (extremes again) which makes it dangerous due to limited intake of food and water with constant flushing of what's inside me and even not digesting properly the food I try to eat.

I experienced two instances where difficulty in breathing was at its peak.

The first was when I finished eating barbeque for dinner from a local food chain.. My throat felt itchy and I was coughing non-stop to the point that I did not have any chance of breathing, it was that bad and this is where I felt nervous about my condition. I immediately sat down and prayed and I remember this clearly where I stopped coughing instantly because I was able to pray smoothly. Thank God it stopped and since then I was more sensitive to what is happening to me, things around me, and what I eat (lol).

The second was when I took a bath downstairs, just right after going up the stairs on my way back to my room, I was breathing in the air but it felt short and inadequate. It came to a point that I was fast "half-breathing" catching my breath just to get enough air but it felt that my lungs were not getting it. So after that effortful breathing, it went normal again. Thank you, Lord. Since then, I always make sure to get enough air especially after any activity I do.

FYI. I was not vaccinated yet during this time since I was categorized under one of the least priority and was willing to wait until my preferred brand was available. Though I already got my registration-control no. then but it was like 2-3 weeks after I got covid where I was able to get vaccinated.

There is so much to think about what happened.. but of course, appreciating life and making it count is highlighted. Thank God for family and friends who were constantly there to check up on me from time to time. It really matters as it's very different when you are forced to be isolated than from just being used to doing things yourself.. it was some crazy time for me. Haha!

Helpful things I did while I had the virus:

1. Taking antibiotics
2. Taking vitamins and minerals
3. Inhaling steam (suob)
4. Mint candy [for the cough]
5. Drinking a lot of water
6. Eating a lot even if your appetite is against it
7. Have enough/proper rest

The inconveniences that I haven't thought this would bring:

- Let the people who you are in contact with (from the incubation period forward) know about this and advise them to quarantine/isolate too. Man, just having the thought of this is hard to bear, and delivering the news is another thing.

- A burden to bear. I hate the feeling of having no other choice but to isolate and depend on family for everything. Just think about the service, money, time, and emotions needed for the whole two weeks.. I was just blessed enough to still be productive at the very least doing a little blogging and playing axie while in isolation.

So think again if the reason for going out will be worth it.

post covid selfie
post covid selfie

I will not be tired of saying "thank you" to our Lord, Jesus Christ for healing me even if I have to say it again and again every time when I tell my covid story. This is another great testimony to remember and share. The experience is actually a great reminder to not forget to bring it all back to Him since it all came from Him from the beginning.

Lastly, I lost weight which I kind of liked but the downside of it was that I can only do half of my usual home workout routine. I felt weak but at least I am alive (lol). It was not an easy experience despite that my condition was already convenient compared to some so thinking about the worse cases especially the severe ones in the hospitals are so heavy to bear. So appreciate your present time and spend it wisely. 

P.S. I missed my appetite so its time to catch up. Haha!

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My covid-19 (coronavirus) experience | I had 9 symptoms My covid-19 (coronavirus) experience | I had 9 symptoms Reviewed by Michael on October 01, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. I am so glad you made it out with no long term illness. Your accountability, I am hoping, will help others. I am sure you can be a testimonial, that it is not just like having the flu, as I have heard so many say. Of course, these are the ones that have not experienced Covid yet. My 2 daughters had Covid April, 2020. They are now considered longhaulers. If having the virus, and being made to isolate was not bad enough. My one daughter has tachacardia from Covid. The other...has physically struggled for the past year. Permanent damage to lungs, inflammation of the chest cavity, damage to her vocal chords...which all does not give her room to breathe. Therefore she is in the process pf learning to breathe differently. I want to thank you for sharing your experience. And you are right...God saved you!

  2. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. On top of having the actual virus and going through that pain and sickness, all those other things - such as telling all the people you just saw, and having to rely on other people to (hopefully) help you out during your isolation time - would have been just as hard, and I'm so glad that's over for you now. I'm doing everything I can to avoid it, and have my second dose of one of the vaccinations booked in SOON and will feel so much safer once that is over with!

  3. Yes. Please keep safe and maintain healthiness. Its worth it not getting the virus since it affect not only you but the people around you too.

  4. Wow!! I'm so sorry that you tested positive and had all those symptoms as well. I guess there's no way of telling for sure how you got it but I'm also happy that it is all over now and your life can get back to normal.

  5. keep safe. I hope will not have any after effects. My father just recovered from it and he states even though he a very mild sickness he still feels exhausted and so is my mother.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad to read that you are better and that you did was was necessary to care for yourself!

  7. I am so sorry to hear you had the virus. Thanks for sharing about your experience and symptoms. I am glad to hear you recovered from this ordeal!

  8. I hope you are feeling better now. This virus is terrible and we must take care of ourselves well.

  9. Oh gosh its sounds awful. Some people suffer terrible with it. Stay safe and definitely time to catch up on the eating!!!

  10. For those who experience Covid, I would say it must be aweful. I am glad that you recovered. Covid trains you out from inside so you might have to work hard on your health now to gain strength

  11. Glad to know that you are fully required. This post is very useful to understand covid symptoms.


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