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We have been to some of the rooftop dinings here in the metro and this one does it with fashion and elegance. They may have the best alfresco-ready furniture on their sky view deck completing that outdoor dining goal with class and comfort.

sky alfreso dining by Seda
sky alfreso dining

Straight up is situated on the top floor of the Seda Hotel in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) at Taguig. The place is also a few steps away from the Bonifacio High Street for easier reference. Simply take the elevator when you reach Seda and step out when you reach the highest floor (22nd).

Straight up by Seda
Straight up

They have a high maximum capacity when it comes to accepting guests without sacrificing on maintaining the social distancing, especially in their outdoor dining. Assistance will be given from the entrance and just mention where you want to preferably stay. That time, we chose to dine indoors and it was just the right decision because it rained after a while.

But before we go inside, let me just show you how grand their outdoor dining setup is. 

outdoor dining by Seda
outdoor dining

I just would like to commend how flexible their alfresco furniture is. They look simple but I know they are expensive. They also look elegant but not that intimidating to use. The low-maintenance materials used are also weather resistant because it can endure rain or heat without any problem. Well done, Straight up!  Who would not want to relax in a place like this? A simple drink with a view like this would already be a treat for me. LOL. Alone or with a squad, I bet the experience here will be something pleasurable.

Seda outdoor dining
alfresco dining

I won't mind staring blankly here especially on that edge table while enjoying the fresh air.. contemplating life. Haha! Anyway, let's move inside before we go out of topic.

Well, of course, the interiors will not be left behind as the aesthetics are as impressive as their elegant alfresco.

inside straight up
inside straight up

They also have exclusive rooms for celebrations and private meetings.. and man, they really feel homey. The comfort level is really high and with window views like those? It will be such epic experience. Instrammable? Check!

exclusive rooms
exclusive rooms

Not that long, our food came and was served accordingly:


mixed seafood fritters
mixed seafood fritters
caesar salad

philly cheese steak
philly cheese steak

Everything was at par considering the prices (you can look up their online menu HERE). Though the serving sizes may be small as to what we initially expected, but the taste of the food and ambiance around will keep you company. 

P.S. I really enjoyed the nachos. The semi-spicy flavor is approved.

The establishment is mainly a bar so it is understood that they really focus on their drink offerings. Even though we don't drink, we still got to enjoy their awesome vibe and warm services here. Let me give some props to those friendly servers around that time! Hehe.

Michael x Seda
Michael's Hut x Seda

We were here for quite a while as we got to see what it's like even at night time. I noticed too that most of the guests were foreigners. I am assuming that most of them were staying in the same hotel and were just capping the night off or the other way around, starting their day that late. But whatever that may be, we were all just enjoying our time there.

I am looking forward to visiting again and capturing the night views the next time. Here below are some of our video highlights from our visit.

If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 30th street cor. 11th ave. Taguig (22nd floor of Seda Hotel)
Operating hours: 4:00PM to 12:00AM daily
Contact nos.: +632 7945 8888 or +632 8588 5700

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Straight up by Seda hotel review | Bonifacio Global City Straight up by Seda hotel review | Bonifacio Global City Reviewed by Michael on July 21, 2022 Rating: 5


  1. omg the hotel is stunning wow...And the food, everything looks soooo good...

  2. Wow! I didn't know that Seda Hotel has an alfresco dining resto too! Will definitely check this out. The food looks so yummy esp. the philly cheese steak. Nakakagutom!

  3. This looks like such a great time! It's beautiful!

  4. the hotel looks nice and the food looks delicious. What else could I ask for? I am on the minimal side when it comes to hotel stay but here the style is perfectly matching to my own liking. I'd definitely stay there if I visited the area

  5. This is an amazing hotel. Love the rooftop views!
    - Lily

  6. Straight Up looks like a stunning place to relax, eat and have some drinks! Wow! Those views are amazing.

  7. This hotel is perfect. i'll definitely enjoy my stay here.

  8. Wow! What a cool spot! Would love to visit sometime!

  9. Beautiful hotel! And such amazing views...


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