1975 Old Fashioned Burgers Marikina review

My Korean friend Kim recommended this food place for us to taste and just that mere recommendation is already a hint that something nice is about to unfold. I jokingly said to him that I will judge him big time for this recommendation so let's see what will be our (with Patrick) post reactions are after eating.

1975 old fashioned burgers servings
1975 old fashioned burgers servings

1975 Old Fashioned Burgers is located at Yamson Street in San Roque, Marikina. They serve smoked Brazilian beef burgers but are not limited to that. They also have chicken burgers, Hungarian sandwiches, and other side dishes like their cheesy bacon potato fries, onion rings, and more. 

They really stick to their theme of "old-fashioned" as they decorated their place with some classic paraphernalia including glass bottles, an air-conditioning unit, a previous model of a car plate number, postcards, steering wheels, etc.

If you want to see those in action, watch the video below

1975 old fashioned burgers facade

1975 old fashioned burgers open kitchen
open kitchen

With the simple concept of having their own dining place, being alfresco and open has its pros of having a cozy & homey vibe. It's literally and figuratively eating outside of our houses because instead, it's the owner's house.

I like their open kitchen because aside from smelling that delicious burger aroma being grilled and smoked while waiting, I consider the preparation procedure as part of the entertainment. I get to see how they assemble each order and of course, see and check the neatness and quality of the whole assembly process.

At that time, what we had were the following:

Hawaiian classic burger
Hawaiian classic

triple classic burger
triple classic

classic fried chicken sandwich
classic fried chicken sandwich

chicken wings
chicken wings

We also ordered an onion ring bowl but were too hungry already to take its solo picture. Haha! We were all ready to devour everything as each order was presented well and looked solid! Patrick and I came from playing our sport while Kim came from a whole day's work. Are you ready boys?! Let's!

We portioned each burger so we can have a taste of everything.

1975 old fashioned burgers dining
1975 old fashioned burgers dining

The triple classic burger was solid as I tasted all the meat in every bite. Sarap! Not belittling home-made burgers but It did not taste that. Their patties taste commercialized and can level to some of the popular burger chains we have here but their serving is definitely bigger (especially the patty).

The Hawaiian classic is as good except for the pineapple because I don't eat pineapples. Lol. Kim's favorite which is the chicken sandwich did not disappoint. I am a fan of boneless chickens so it's definitely a no-brainer "yes" for me too! What I did not expect is their chicken wings, they tasted really well! Plus the texture is perfectly crispy even with all the poured flavoring sauces. All good 1975, all good! If we had a contest of who amongst us ate the most, Patrick will win by a landslide. Haha!

1975 old fashioned burgers meals
1975 old fashioned burgers meals

For some improvements though, we find the bread a little too soft & munchy. Maybe beef it up and it will suffice. But aside from that, the amount of cheese, the vegetable portions, the patties, even the side French fries in every meal, and the services are nicely done. No wonder Kim recommended you guys for us to try. With this, Kim passed the recommendation test and can recommend another one. Haha!

With them also present on some of the delivery apps and food courier services, there will be no reason to not order again. Will definitely come back soon!

Here are some clips inside the place
If you cannot see the video above, click HERE for it

Address: 26 Yamson/Ignacio Cruz St. San Roque Marikina
Operating hours: 11:00AM to 12:00MN daily
12:30PM to 9:00PM on Mondays
Contact nos.: 0927 253 9416
1975 Old Fashioned Burgers

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1975 Old Fashioned Burgers Marikina review 1975 Old Fashioned Burgers Marikina review Reviewed by Michael on May 14, 2023 Rating: 5

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