Marikina bloggers, vloggers, & influencers to follow

If you are looking for bloggers, vloggers, influencers, or even content creators that are Marikina-based with Marikina content and an appropriate number of followers, feel free to check this list. Since I support small businesses (as an entrepreneur graduate) especially the local ones and more to those who are settling here in my hometown Marikina, I am creating this list for everyone who might need it whether for business or personal purposes.

Marikina influencers list
Marikina influencers list

The content creator behind EATS NANI is Hernani Ocampo. He is currently focused on Facebook & TikTok videos and is known for his food finds. With his bubbly personality and stand-out style of delivering his energy across those computer and mobile screens, it is quite hard to forget him once you watch some of his videos.

He started doing videos of making branded drinks around pre pandemic season and was pitching to some establishments to feature them. Now, He is doing content creation full-time and is one of the popular go-to personality when it comes to food finds.

eats nani

The content creator behind Marikeño is Wencel Angeles. The blog has been known for its website containing rich-filled Marikina details and histories but is now going active using some social media presence including Facebook. It's straightforward everything about Marikina but not limited to Marikeños and Marikeñas by a Marikeño.

Marikeño is one of the original and first to focus on featuring anything and everything about Marikina that can be tracked all the way back to the early 2000s.


The content creator behind Michael's Hut is Michael Oyco. The blog has been known for its website containing food finds, travels & adventures, and lifestyle activities. Being born and raised in the same city, most contents are Marikina-based and near its neighboring cities.

The blog started as a hobby featuring businesses of friends and family but later on grew to what it is now, expanding to more categories and productive & helpful finds.

Michael's Hut

The content creator behind Inside Marikina is Migs. This Facebook page is known to discover all the nitty gritty of events and happenings within the city. From local fiestas and sprawling warehouse sales, to even new food finds can be first found here.

As one of the pioneers featuring anything and everything about Marikina, Inside Marikina also started around the early 2000s. It organically grew and has become one of the reliable sources when talking about the city.

inside marikina

Marikina PIO (Public Information Office)

Though this is an official government-owned Facebook page, many Marikina happenings can also be found here including some government project developments and private business openings.

Marikina PIO

If you think I missed any, feel free to comment below and I will update this list accordingly. I hope this list has helped you in any way.

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